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Biography Tomi T Ahonen, MBA, 3G Strategy Consultant 

Landscape Image of Tomi T Ahonen 3G Strategy Consultant & Author 


"The combination of personalisation,

location information and a willingness

to pay makes all kinds of new business

models possible," said Tomi Ahonen. 

The Economist  October 13, 2001



Tomi T Ahonen, MBA

Author, Consultant
and Motivational Speaker


Tomi T Ahonen is a six-time bestselling author of hardcover telecoms/tech books who has also released a series of three eBooks in 2009. An independent consultant and motivational speaker in the converging areas of mobile telecoms, internet, media, advertising, credit and banking, social networking and virtual reality, Tomi is based in Hong Kong. He lectures on these topics at Oxford University for which developed the short courses for 3G services, 3G business, mobile-TV and 7th Mass Media. Mr Ahonen is seen annually at about 20 conferences on six continents. The father of several of the industry's most used theories, tools and concepts, and a founding member of several industry groups, as well as being the holder of a telecoms competitiveness world record, Tomi Ahonen has been quoted in over 300 press articles starting with the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Week, Economist, etc and is regularly seen on TV; he writes several columns and articles to industry press every year. He blogs daily, twitters, and has profiles on Facebook and Linked In.


Tomi is considered a significant thought-leader for the industry, best indicated by the unparallelled endorsement of his ideas by his peers, as he and his thoughts are referenced in 50 books by other authors. The inventor of the mobile industry's only service-creation tool, the 5 M's / 6 M's (with Joe Barrett of Nokia and Paul Golding of Motorola) is referenced by a dozen other authors, Tomi is also the father of several widely referenced industry concepts and theories, including the Hockey Sticks theory, Connected Age concept, Generation-C for Community, and the 7th Mass Media taxonomy, each of which has also already been referenced in books by other industry thought-leaders.


With Fortune 500 companies as his reference customers, Tomi provides seminars, workshops and training around the creation of advanced digital services; the marketing, pricing and launch; strategy and competition; and partnerships and cooperation for the main players such as telecoms operators/carriers; equipment manufacturers; IT and internet companies; TV and radio broadcasters; print media; advertising; banking and credit card companies; etc. Tomi assists in the value-chain and revenue-sharing calculations and also acts as expert witness for intellectual property attorneys. Tomi also provides general business case presentations to isolate profit opportunities for interested parties. Mr Ahonen is also a motivational speaker in the area of telecoms telecoms marketing, sales, product development and innovation.


The world's leading authority on making money with advanced wireless services, and the undisputed global evangelist for successful mobile applications, at public conferences Tomi Ahonen has described over 1,000 existing services making money today in mobile, while his books outline over 700. He has been seen at most major 3G and mobile internet events such as delivering the strategy keynote to the world's largest telecoms event, 3GSM World Congress in Cannes in 2005, and opened the topic of services and applications for 4G, at the CTIA in New Orleans in 2004. Tomi is co-inventor on several patents in the mobile telecoms area and serves on the boards of several innovative high tech companies. Tomi is a founding member or co-founder of the Wireless Watch, Engagement Alliance, Carnival of the Mobilists, Every Single One of Us, and Forum Oxford.


Tomi Ahonen's first book, Services for UMTS: Creating Killer Applications in 3G (with Joe Barrett) was the world's first book on 3G services. Released in March 2002, the book became the world's best-selling book on 3G topics in only six months after release and has now been translated into Chinese. For more including reviews see  [Services for UMTS].  His second book, m-Profits: Making Money from 3G Services was the world's first business book on 3G and advanced wireless telecoms, which became the world's best-selling 3G book for the months of October and December 2003. Still today the book has no rivalsa nd is considered the bible for the how the mobile industry makes its money today. For more information including reviews see  [m-Profits].  Ahonen's third book was 3G Marketing: Communities and Strategic Partnerships (with Timo Kasper and Sara Melkko) the book on how to win in telecoms customer loyalty and marketshare wars, which was released July 2004 and sold out so fast that in five months the book went into its second printing, and was cited as the world's fastest selling telecoms book ever by John Wiley & Sons, the world's largest publisher of engineering and technology books. It has been translated into Chinese. Information on the book is at  [3G Marketing] Tomi's fourth book Communities Dominate Brands (with Alan Moore) was the world's first book on the business of social networking and also introduced the cutting-edge concept in marketing called "engagement marketing". The book went into second printing in six months and is being adopted as a university textbook being used at various institutions from Australia the USA. More at [Communities Dominate] Tomi's fifth book, is on the most advanced digitally converged country, South Korea, and is called Digital Korea (with Jim O'Reilly). This was the first time any book by Tomi has been serialized, which was in the Korea IT Times in 2007. There is a book website at [Digital Korea]. Tomi's sixth book is Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media, about why mobile offers a compelling and soon dominating proposition for any media owners to reach audiences better, faster and more engagingly than in any previous six media, including the internet. There is a blogsite for the book at [Seventh Mass Media Blog].


In 2009 Tomi Ahonen released a series of eBooks/mobile books, at 171 page length each. He features 50 case studies in each of his Pearls volumes. Pearls Vol 1 dealt with Mobile Advertising in January 2009 and Pearls Vol 2 dealt with Mobile Social Networking in April 2009. Tomi also released an industry statistical compendium as the Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2009, with 60 charts, tables and figures of the latest industry facts, also in 171 page eBook format. The eBooks have been remarkably well received by industry thought-leaders and became instantly widely referenced resources used throughout the industry. For more see  [Tomi Ahonen eBooks]


Considered the global authority on making money with new wireless services, Tomi Ahonen delivered over 200 papers at industry conferences on six continents dealing with topics relating to 3G and advanced wireless services and digital convergence to industry statistics and forecasts for the future of mobile and digital convergence. He regularly runs full-day to industry analysts, bankers, venture capital community, telecoms consultancies, press and other parties involved in understanding the profit potential of new mobile services of 3G. Many of the world's largest manufacturers, operators, consultancies, analysts and other interested parties site him as their topmost expert. 11 separate companies and organizations have invited Tomi to present as the independet expert at their press conferences worldwide. Tomi's current reference list reads like the who's who of 3G mobile telecoms, starting with the worlds largest handset manufacturer Nokia, largest mobile networks supplier Ericsson, the largest computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard, biggest IT engineering corporation Siemens, the largest mobile operator group Vodafone, the largest mobile applications developer Buongiorno, the largest mobile internet service provider NTT DoCoMo, etc etc etc. He also has provided consultancy on telecoms and digital convergence to leading internet, broadcast and print media, gaming, music, advertising and banking customers. Most of his current consultancy work is, however, so strategic to be under strictest commitments to confidentiality. Tomi's work consistently achieves reviews such as "opened my eyes", "best presentation I have ever seen", "not only met my considerable expectations, but managed to exceed them" and "we want to bring you back." His repeat business is best proof of his value.


Tomi Ahonen has worked with major industry and trade associations including the Korean IT Promotion Agency, Communications Industry Association of Japan, The Infocomm Development Agency of Singapore, the Mobile Computer Users Group, the Periodical Publishers Association, the Global Billing Association, the Wireless Advertising Association, the Israel Mobile Internet Forum, the Irish Marketing Society, the Slovenian Marketing Association, Asian Mobility Initiative, the Canadian Wireless Telecoms Association, etc. Tomi is an active member on numerous professional discussion boards and groups, such as LinkedIn, Ecademy, the Tribe, etc. He is a strong supporter of the Mobile Monday movement and has been a guest speaker at  numerous MoMo chapters from San Francisco to Beijing as well as serving on MoMo's global advisory board. Tomi was a founding member or co-founder of the Wireless Watch, Carnival of the Mobilists, Engagement Alliance, Every Single One of Us and Forum Oxford where he is also co-moderator.


Tomi serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Telecommunications Management and is an editor at the Forum Oxford Journal. He regularly contributes columns and articles on the status of the industry to such periodicals as the Telecommunications, 3G Mobile, European Communications, Total Telecom, Mobile Communications, the IEE Communications Engineer, Asia-Pacific Telecommunications, Mobile Handset Analyst, The 3G Portal, etc. He also regularly supports the industries interested in digital convergence, such as advertising, banking, media, etc. Tomi Ahonen has been quoted in over 300 press articles in a dozen languages relating to 3G and new mobile services including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, the Economist, Business Week, Barrons, Revolution, ComputerWorld, 3G Mobile, Wireless Asia, etc as well as many leading national papers such as Canadian Business, Finanstidningen, Wirtschaftswoche, La Republica, Taloussanomat, Nikkei etc. [See Tomi in Press] 


Earlier Tomi Ahonen set up and headed Nokia's Global 3G Business Consultancy Department which provides business modelling, market research and other management consultancy to practically all major mobile operators/wireless carriers. Tomi Ahonen also oversaw Nokia's 3G Research Centre which provides end-user research and had run a number of surveys covering over 60,000 consumers around the world. Previously at Nokia Mr Ahonen was Nokia's first Segmentation Manager and before that he managed Indirect Access services. In 1999 he wrote Nokia's White Paper on Indirect Access which was the first industry White Paper to introduce ways to bring internet services to mobile. At Nokia Tomi provided customer consultancy to over three dozen operators on six continents, including Vodafone HQ and a dozen Vodafone Group affiliates worldwide, and several Orange, T-Mobile and Telenor affiliates; as well as individual operators such as Sonera, Sonofon, Partner/Orange, Starhub, AIS, Globe, China Mobile, China Unicom, SK Telecom, Telecom New Zealand, etc.


Before that Tomi Ahonen was employed for 3 years by Elisa Corporation (best known for its Radiolinja unit which was the world's first digital mobile operator on the GSM standard, and also the mobile operator that introduced competition to mobile markets) and with Finnet International as the Product Line Manager for international voice services which captured a 29% market share as a challenger. This was widely reported as the world record for taking market share from the incumbent under fully open telecoms competition. Mr Ahonen represented the Group in telecoms standardising bodies for several years including chairing the first specification for mobile VPNs. He managed pioneering telecoms integration projects with AT&T Unisource, Global One, Radiolinja, Sonera, Tele2 and Telia. These included the world's first fixed-mobile service bundle, and a pioneering multi-operator billing solution for over 45 independent operators. He provided training for the independent Finnish operators now known as the mobile operator DNA and the Finnet Group. He also provided competition training for Matav and EPT. Tomi also advised most of Finland's largest corporations including Nokia, Kemira, Pohjola and the Bank of Finland, on telecoms. 


Earlier Tomi Ahonen has worked for 3 years as Director of Sales and Network Engineer for OCSNY, a Manhattan based ISP and networking company where his customers included The United Nations Security Council, The Economist Group, and The NY Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Among his accomplishments were the introduction of OCSNY as Manhattan Yellow Pages' first Internet Service Provider effectively becoming the first ISP in New York City (and yes, they are still in business and still profitable today) and creating the world's first computer company advertisement onto the Internet. Before that Tomi Ahonen worked for 2 years as the Controller and Head of IT for Financo Inc, a Wall Street investment banking firm.


Tomi Ahonen holds an MBA (with hons) in International Finance from St John's University NY and a bachelors degree (with hons) in international marketing with certificates in computer science, international management and foreign policy. He currently resides in Hong Kong.



Tomi T Ahonen's Digital Footprint:


Tomi's daily blog co-authored with Alan Moore since 2005 is at    www.communities-dominate.blogs.com

The exceptionally widely respected blog with over 1,000 reader comments and over 400 separate websites or blogsites linking to it, has a high Technorati rating and is syndicated at many sites and services including Business Week, NY Times, CNBC, Wireless Watch, Socially Minded and Mobile/Alltop. The site has frequently been voted among the most influential and has dozens of times been selected for best posting of the week by peers associated with the Carnival of the Mobilists.


Tomi's mobile-related blog since 2008 is at   www.7thmassmedia.com 

Tomi's daily Twitter feed since 2008 is @tomiahonen.com

Tomi's occasional hobby blog related to Formula One racing since 2008 is at   www.tomiahonenf1.blogspot.com

Tomi co-moderates the mobile industry's topmost global thought leadership online panel, Forum Oxford, where he contributes daily since 2005

Tomi has considerable further online contributions, discussions and postings professionally at Ecademy since 2002 and The Tribe since 2004 as well as some hobby related reviews at Epinions and book reviews at Amazon

This tomiahonen.com website went live as Tomi's professional public face in 2001

Tomi had a mobile comedy related website as www.hatrat.com from 2001 to 2004


Tomi has a public profiles at Linked In since 2003 with mostly CEO level links and seven public references

Tomi has a public profile at Facebook since 2007

Tomi ran a podcast with Alan Moore under the Communities Dominate brand for the Horizon channel in 2006

Tomi is a published citizen journalist/contributor with Ohmy News (South Korea)

Tomi has a Habbo avatar inside Habbo Hotel (UK)

Tomi has out-of-date profiles also at Ecademy and The Tribe

Tomi Ahonen has several mentions for mobile innovation and leadership in Wikipedia


Tomi's six hardcover books each have multiple reviews on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk since 2002.

Nokia lists Tomi's first book Services for UMTS as an official Nokia book at the Nokia website.

Tomi's fourth book Communities Dominate Brands has over a dozen endorsements and reviews at Financial Times business book of the year




Tomi is available to support your company, from executive-level seminars and briefings, to hands-on workshops, training etc. He is frequently used as a motivational speaker as well as a "visiting expert" if in-house knowhow or expertise is not enough and a global guru is needed to bring in the decision-makers and executives of your customer-companies.




For recent press clippings and web links which quote Tomi T Ahonen see  [See Tomi in Press]


For information on his first book Services for UMTS, available now, see  [Services for UMTS].


For information on his second book m-Profits, see [m-Profits]


For upcoming conference appearances and recent speakerships see  [Tomi in Conferences]


For business consulting workshops and services see  [3G Workshops & Consulting]




To request workshop availability or any other contact, send e-mail to   tomi@tomiahonen.com




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To request workshop availability or any other contact, send e-mail to   tomi@tomiahonen.com




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