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”Generally, people use communication devices much

Picture Tomi T Ahonen at HSBC conference at Montreal Grand Prix August 2001 more for entertainment than they realize,"

 said Tomi Ahonen.  Revolution  28 February 2001


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                                                                                    This picture is from June 2001 when I presented at HSBC's

During Spring of 2005 Ahonen will be at                           Disruptive Technologies Conference in Montreal.  I am most

Tokyo, Calgary, Cannes, Nice, London                      grateful to HSBC for inviting me to the Montreal Grand Prix

and many further events                                             race as their guest after the Conference.



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NOTETomi Ahonen lectures regularly at Oxford University’s 3G series of short coursesThe short university courses on 3G Business, marketing and technology present the very latest understanding and research in 3G and offer a cost-effective way for anybody to get up to speed on 3G.  For more see  [Oxford Courses]



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