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The 171 page eBook has 50 "pearls" which are real world services and applications in mobile as collected by Tomi T Ahonen and selected from his collection covering several thousand, with over 1,200 shown into the public domain. Tomi is the former Nokia executive who has written six hardcover bestsellers for the mobile industry, that are referenced in over 40 books by other authors. Tomi is regularly quoted in the press on the mobile industry.


This first volume dated January 2009 deals with the topics of mobile advertising and marketing and has essentially the "best of the Pearls" as selected by Tomi Ahonen around topics of advertising and marketing with mobile. All typical mobile advertising and marketing concepts are included such as coupons, location-based advertising, viral marketing, advergaming, free sponsored services, and engagement marketing. The Pearls come from 19 countries on four continents, including Australia, China, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, UK and the USA.

Out of the 171 pages of content, the eBook spends 105 pages showcasing the 50 Pearls thus spending on average 2 pages per Pearl. The eBook includes 13 Pearls that have never been shown in the public domain. Each Pearl description includes the full Powerpoint slide as used by Tomi Ahonen in his public presentations or private workshops. Most Pearls include significant further updates and additional detail on the story, beyond what is on the original Pearl slide including in several cases further numbers, users, response rates etc.

The eBook also includes brief discussions about the industry, customers, and services; as well as stats about the topics of this Volume: mobile advertising and marketing. There is also a history of the Pearls and an index to the Pearls. See sample pages in the excerpts at the link below.


The eBook license is a single user licence and is not allowed to be distributed. But the file is in native pdf format so you will not need any special eBook reader software, and there are no restrictions for you to install the file on several readers, computers etc.


This is the only location where you can order the eBook.


UPDATE about page size and font size: The eBook was originally published on 15 January 2009 on a page size of A5 using the font size 10. Early buyers have expressed a wish to have a larger font to work on common eBook readers, and the eBook will be reformated for font size 14 while maintaining the same page size. Thus some early references to the eBook mention it as 104 pages in size. The eBook is 171 pages in the new revised larger font size, but has the same content.

For anyone who is returning to this website who has bought the eBook, don't be concerned tha the eBook now lists the page count at 171 pages rather than 104. The content is the same, only the font is larger.




If you want to see excerpts from the book, click here [Excerpts from Pearls Vol 1: Mobile Advertising] These page excerpts are jpg files and of reduced quality. The actual eBook is in pdf format and of higher resolution.


Reviews of the eBook


The first full book review of the eBook is out on 19 January, 2009 at the WAP Review. WAP Review writes: "Pearls Vol 1, at 119 pages, is a quick and lively read that offers plenty of ideas for anyone in mobile publishing, development, advertising or marketing. Reading Pearls might very well inspire you to create the next highly successful mobile service or campaign." For a full review follow this link:




The eBook is also available for a national/small business license at 100 Euros and for a corporate/international license at 500 Euros. A custom version of the eBook can be prepared for use as custom corporate gifts also in printed form. Please write to for more information on enterprise and corporate licenses and on any interest in using the eBook content as a corporate gift including a custom printed edition.



The Pearls series of eBooks has expanded. The Tomi Ahonen Pearls Vol 2: Mobile Social Networking has been released. Tomi is working on Volume 3 about mobile payments. To see all 9 of Tomi's books, please see [Tomi Ahonen Books]



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NOTE: Tomi also has a brand new Almanac about the industry statistics, another eBook of 180 pages with 84 charts,. tables and graphs. To see it including sample pages and sample data and graphs, follow the link here. Remember also Tomi's Pearls Vol 2 and his hardcover book Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media. All of Tomi's 9 books are at this one location:


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