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The TomiAhonen Almanac 2017 edition has been released. 
(This page now includes full table-of-contents of 2017 edition, also showing changes vs 2016 and 2015 editions)

The TomiAhonen Almanac 2017  (just updated) is longer than the 2016 edition, at 215 pages with all updated stats and numbers. It has 108 tables and charts. All charts and tables have been updated or revised and in some cases expanded with even more detail.


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TomiAhonen Consulting and Tomi T Ahonen have released the Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2015: Mobile Telecoms Industry Annual Review, totally updated and revised from the 2016 edition, with all data current to January 1, 2017.

The Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2017 is available only in eBook format and only available from this website the official website. It is 215 pages in length and intended as a one-source comprehensive telecoms industry statistical review for the year, with totally up-to-date numbers, following on Tomi T Ahonen's popular industry review blogs at the  blogsite


The Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2017 includes chapters on subscribers, handsets, revenues, messaging, mobile internet, mobile gaming, television and video for mobile, mobile payments and money, mobile social networking, and other content types. It includes shorter discussions of mobile voice, telematics, augmented reality, enterprise/business and infrastructure aspects of the industry. The Almanac has 108 charts and tables including statistical data on the 60 major mobile telecoms markets (country data) and 25 biggest mobile operator groups.

The Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2017 answers such questions as how many mobile phone handsets have color screens, or are cameraphones, or have bluetooth or Java/Brew or memory card support. The handset section includes data on handset form factors, such as by input types, and a lot of information on smartphones including the market shares of installed bases as well as new sales, and penetration rates of smartphones regionally. The Almanac 2017 tells which of the 60 leading countries has launched 3G, as well as subscriber counts and national penetration rates. For the major mobile content types such as SMS and MMS messaging, music, gaming, news, social networking, advertising etc it tells how many users there are worldwide, what kind of revenues are generated by the content type, and several other relevant factors depending on the relevant item such as suitable handset penetration rates, average monthly revenues per user, the regional splits of revenues, the total amount of traffic, etc. For the largest carrier groups it reveals footprints and subscriber counts. The Almanac also includes the exclusive TomiAhonen Consulting index of 30 most advanced mobile telecoms markets ranked, as well as the 25 countries where 3G has been most widely adopted.

(includes changes vs 2016 edition & vs 2015 edition)
ebook is 215 pages long and has 108 charts and tables

file is unrestricted standard pdf file, less than 2mb in size, does not need any ebook reader app, any program that can open pdf files can read the ebook

ebook is formated for easy reading on smartphone screen sizes (thus its an ‘m-book’)

Cpt 1 - INTRO (4 pages, no charts)


Chpt 2 - SIZE OF INDUSTRY (20 pages, 10 charts)

Total Mobile Subscriptions Globally in Billions (Machine Use & Human Use) 2002-2016 (chart expanded vs 2015 version)

Mobile Industry Revenue Split in 2016

Mobile Industry Revenuess 2016 & 2015

Mobile Service Annual Revenues 2003-2016

Comparison of Sizes Globally End of 2016

Annual Sales of Major Devices by Type

Largest Computer Manufacturers (When Smartphones Includes in Computer Count)

Penetration Rates of Mobile per Capita, REGIONALLY *

Internet Access PC vs Mobile 2016

Top 25 Largest Companies in Mobile in 2015


Cpt 3 - CUSTOMERS (15 pages, 8 charts)

Mobile Subscriptions, Phones in Use and Unique Owners 2003-2016 (chart expanded vs 2015 version)

Unique Phone Owners & Multiple Suscribers REGIONALLY *

Mobile Consumers 2016 & 2015

Mobile Phone Ownership by Age

Common Usage of Phone Features

Average Mobile Phone User Looks At Mobile 150 Times Per DAy

Average Smartphone User Looks At Mobile 221 Times Per DAy

30 Minute / 3 Minute / 30 Second Tasks


Cpt 4 - HANDSETS (21 pages, 17 charts)

Mobile Phone Sales Annually

Phone Market Shares

Features of Installed Base 2016 & 2015 (chart expanded vs 2015 version)

New Phone Sales by Generation 2002-2016

Installed Base of Cameraphones by Camera Resolution 2004-2016

Tablet PC vs Phablet Sales Annually 2007-2016 (more detail vs 2016, is new chart vs 2015)

11 C's

Smartphone Migration Rate 2000-2016 (new table vs 2016 and 2015)

Price Pyramid of Mobile Phones 2016

Smartphone New Sales and Installed Base 2002-2016

World Ownership of Mobile Phones by Type (is new chart vs 2015)

Smartphones Out of Installed Base of All Phones

Smartphone Ownership Per Capita vs Dumbphone Ownership REGIONALLY * (chart expanded vs 2015 version)

Smartphone New Sales in Units 2016

Operating System New Sales 2005-2016

Smartphone OS Installed Base 2016

Smartphone OS REGIONALLY *


Cpt 5 - MOBILE MESSAGING (15 pages, 11 charts)

SMS Users and Total Human Subscriptions 2003-2016

SMS Text Messages Sent 2003-2016

Installed Base of Messaging-Capable Phones by Type 2001-2016

SMS Text Messaging Annual Revenue vs Premium SMS 2003-2016 (more detail vs 2016 and 2015)

Average cost of SMS 2003-2016

Mobile Messaging Revenues by Type

Messaging Users by Type of Mobile Messaging 2002-2016

MMS Messaging Revenues 2004-2016

MMS Messages vs SMS Text Messages in Messaging Volume 2004-2016

Migration of Person-to-Person SMS Message volume to OTT Messages 2007-2016 (Proportional) (new chart vs 2015)

Migration of Person-to-Person SMS Message volume to OTT Messages 2007-2016 (Absolute)


Cpt 6 - MOBILE INTERNET (16 pages, 9 charts)

Mobile Human Subscriptions, Messaging and Premium Data Users 2003-2016

Mobile Data User Numbers by Different Definitions

Internet Access by Type Allowing For Multiple Use 2002-2016

Access Method of Internet Users 2016

Internet Access Method Allowing Multiple Methods

Mobile Data Users REGIONALLY *

Total Mobile Data Revenues 2003-2016

Mobile Premium Data Revenus as Average Per Subscriber 2003-2016

Mobile VAS Data ARPU by Active VAS User 2003-2016


Cpt 7 - SEVENTH MASS MEDIA (13 pages, 8 charts)

The Seven Mass Media

Cannibalization Threat by Media Channel

Major Media and Communication Audience or Reach (is new chart vs 2015)

9 Unique Benefits of 7th Mass Media

The 6 M's Mobile Service Creation Tool

Mobile Content Revenues by Type

Mobile Media Markets by Revenues REGIONALLY *

Mobile Media Average Monthly Revenue REGIONALLY *


Cpt 8 - MOBILE GAMING (6 pages, 4 charts)

Total Mobile Gamers Globally 2003-2016

Gaming-Capable Phone Installed Base 2004-2016

Mobile Gaming Revenues 2003-2016

Gaming Revenues REGIONALLY *


Cpt 9 - MOBILE TV AND VIDEO (6 pages, 4 charts)

Mobile TV/Video & SMS-TV users 2003-2016

Installed Base of Videoclip-Capable Pones 2002-2016

Mobile TV Video and TV-Interactive Revenues 2003-2016

Mobile TV Videoclips and SMS-to-TV Revenues by Type


Cpt 10 - MOBILE MONEY AND PAYMENTS (6 pages, 4 charts) NEW CHAPTER vs 2016 and 2015

People Making Mobile Payments 2006-2016 (new chart vs 2016 and 2015)

Mobile Money Users by Technology (new chart vs 2016 and 2015)

Mobile Money Users REGIONALLY * (new chart vs 2016 and 2015)

Mobile Payment Adoption Rate REGIONALLY * (new chart vs 2016 and 2015)


Cpt 11 - MOBILE SOCIAL NETWORKING (6 pages, 3 charts)

Mobile Social Networking Users 2002-2016

Mobile Social Networking Revenues 2004-2016

Mobile Social Networking REGIONALLY *


Cpt 12 - OTHER MOBILE CONTENT (13 pages, 6 charts)

Mobile Music Consumers 2003-2016

Mobile Music Revenues 2003-2016

Consumers of Mobile News 2003-2016

Mobile News Revenues 2003-2016

Augmented Reality Annual Revenues 2009-2016 (new chart vs 2016 and 2015)

Adult Entertainment as Percent of All Mobile Content 2002-2016


Cpt 13 - SMARTPHONE APPS (6 pages, 3 charts)

Smartphone App Market Revenues by Type 2003-2016

Distribution of Mobile Data Revenues by Type 2003-2016

Consumer App Store Revenues by Type


Cpt 14 - MOBILE ADVERTISING (11 pages, 8 charts)

Mobile Advertisements Delivered Annually 2004-2016

People Receiving Mobile Advertising 2003-2016

Advertising-Capable Mobile Phone Installed Base by Type 2003-2016

Mobile Advertising Revenues 2003-2016

Mobile Advertising Average Revenue per Subscription 2002-2016

Mobile Advertising ARPU by Audience Receiving Ads per Month 2002-2016

Role of Advertising as Part of Mobile Media Revenues 2003-2016

Revenues of Mobile Advertising by Type


Cpt 15 - VOICE CALLS (5 pages, 2 charts)

Voice Call Revenues 2003-2016

Active Users of Outbound Voice Calls 2003-2016


Cpt 16 - BUSINESS ENTERPRISE SERVICS (3 pages, 1 chart)

Enterprise Customers Out of All Unique Subscribers 2004-2016


Cpt 17 - OTHER MOBILE DATA (5 pages, no charts)


Cpt 18 - NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE (2 pages, 1 chart)

Mobile Subcribers by Network Generation 2005-2016


Cpt 19 - DIGITAL DIVIDE (9 pages, 3 charts)

Digital Divide per Capita

Digital Divide - Handsets

Digital Divide - Mobile Economics


Cpt 20 - HISTORY AND MILESTONES (8 pages, no charts)


Tables (11 pages)

Index of Mobile Leadership (Top 30 Countries)

60 Major Countries (Population, Subscribers, Penetration Rate, Unique Users, Network Technologies, 3G launch, MVNO availability)

25 Leading Countries by Subscriptions

25 Leading Countries by Penetration Rate

25 Largest Mobile Operator Groups

* Note: ‘Regionally’ charts all use the same 8 region split that the Almanac and PhoneBook and Forecast series from TomiAhonen Consulting has used. It separates the rich parts of Asia from the Emerging World parts (ie numbers from rich and advanced mobile market Japan are not averaged into numbers from poor Asian countries like India or Bangladesh). The 8 regions are: North America; West Europe; East Europe; Asia-Pacific Advanced; Asia Emerging Countries; Middle East; Africa; Latin America. Australia and Oceania is counted into the ‘Asia-Pacific Advanced’ region. Many other resources only split the world by 6 geographic continents and thus give far less precision in the numbers of the actual markets where obviously India is very different from Japan, in mobile.



The Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2017 is optimized for reading on handheld devices and other eBook readers in 14 point text on a page size of A5. It is an invaluable comprehensive reference resource for professionals in the industry to carry along for the latest statistical data on the industry.

There is a brand parallel edition published in December 2016,

please do not buy the wrong book. The parallel edition to the

TomiAhonen Almanac comes out every two years and
latest out is the TomiAhonen Phone Book 2016.

Where the Almanac looks at the total mobile industry from

consumers and subscriptions to services and applications to

handsets and terminals to networks and infrastructure, and all

the related usage and revenues of the total mobile telecoms

industry, the TomiAhonen Phone Book focuses on the

handsets side of the industry with smartphones, featurephones,

dumbphones, smartphone operating systems and related

phones-industry stats like installed bases, market shares,

average retail prices, feature adoption, regional comparisons etc.

The format is the same as the Almanac, but the Phone Book
has 98 tables and charts all specific to the handset industry.
Please see more at TomiAhonen Phone Book and compare

before you buy.

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Tomi T Ahonen was rated the most influential expert in mobile by Forbes in January 2012. Tomi is the most published author in mobile. The bestselling author of twelve mobile telecoms books several of which have gone into reprints and translated to several languages, Tomi is already referenced in books by over 170 other authors and considered the foremost industry expert on the statistics for the industry. The former Nokia executive lectures at Oxford University's short courses on the future of mobile telecoms, is often seen on TV and has been quoted in the press over 450 times in publications such as Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Financial Times, the Economist, etc., as well as countless telecoms industry periodicals. Here is the link to his full biography.




The 2015 Edition of the TomiAhonen Almanac was made available in 2017 to promote the Almanac series. It is still totally free, complete and unedited, with all tablets, charts and graphs in uncripled form, as an unrestricted pdf file. You can download it right now, without any payment, no registration, and no commitment. But you can see the full Almanac, the format of the pages, the size and how it fits to your smartphone. Kindle, iPad, etc. The only place where you can get the free 2017 Freeware Edition of the Almanac is via the biggest ebook publishing website - just follow the link here. If you like the 2015 free edition - which you may share with all your friends and colleagues too, it is unrestricted pdf file with no copy protection, please come back here to consider ordering the 2017 edition for the latest data and many more tables added since the 2017 edition (see Table of Contents to see for more). Download TomiAhonen Almanac 2010 Freeware Edition from to get your free sample Almanac full version.



Opinions and references to Tomi Ahonen Almanac:


The first references to the stats and numbers from the Tomi Ahonen Almanac have been seen at Smart Mobs,

at Digital Stats, at MobSocNet, at New Mobile Tech, at WAP Review and at MobHappy.

WAP Review for example wrote about it like this on 18 February 2009: "if you are interested in mobile statistics you really need  to pick up a copy of Tomi Ahonen's Almanac 2009.  It's Tomi's latest eBook,  a compilation of mobile statistics. The almanac is full of hard to find information like: The total number of mobile Internet users: 1.05 billion, which in 2008  for the first time surpassed the total number of PC Web users (1 billion). Average mobile phone replacement cycle: 14 months; Percentage of mobile content revenue derived from adult entertainment: 5% in 2008."

Russell Buckley the European MD of Admob and the Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association, who blogs at Mobhappy, wrote this about the Almanac on 13 Feb 2009 in this way: "Whenever I need a stat, Tomi seems to have it, so I'd highly recommend this for any aspiring mobile fact junkie. And no, I don't get commission or anything grubby."




The Almanac will also available for a national/small business license at 50 Euros and for a corporate/international license at 150 Euros. A custom version of the Almanac can be prepared for use as custom corporate gifts also in printed form. Please write to  for more information on enterprise and corporate licenses and on any interest in using the Almanac content as a corporate gift including a custom printed edition.




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