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TomiAhonen Phone Book 2016 - Statistical Review of Handset Industry

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The 2016 Edition of the Phone Book has been released


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The TomiAhonen Phone Book is over 180 pages in length, has over 100 charts and tables about the handset industry. It includes handsets overall as well as split into smartphones and dumbphones. There are regional sales and average sales prices and market shares. There are many customer views by segments. Handset features include input types and camera resolutions and a detailed table of several years of the installed base of major features such as HTML browser, media player, memory card slot, bluetooth, 3G, WiFi, GPS, NFC etc. The smartphone operating systems are discussed with detailed market shares regionally over time. There is deep pricing information regionally by smartphones and by 'dumbphones', a global price pyramid the average price of phones sold for each of the biggest countries. There is a chapter on app store applications. There also are brief descriptions of the 3 biggest handset makers by value of their handsets (Nokia, Samsung and Apple) including data on their regional split of handset unit sales. The back of the book includes major tables of numerical data including a table of the 60 largest phone market countries and the unit sales and value of each country as well as other relevant country-data. The style and format is similar to the highly popular and widely referenced TomiAhonen Almanac.


This is the ordering and information page. This is the only place where the eBook TomiAhonen Phone Book can be ordered. The 2016 edition is the only currently available edition. The previous 2014 edition is no longer available

Contents: Chapter Outline
 (number of tables/charts/illustrations):
1. Intro (0)
2. Size of Mobile Industry (5) *
3. Mobile Customers (4) *

4. Handset Market 2010 (9)
5. Installed Base of Handsets & Features (17)
6. Market Shares (7)
7. Smartphones (17)
8. Smartphone Operating Systems (11)
9. Dumbphones (4)
10. Datacards and Accessories (2) **
11. Smartphone Applications (7) **
12. Major Players (9)

13. Digital Divide (5) **
14. History and Milestones**
15. Tables (6) **
16. Appendix*
17. About the Author**


* indicates the chapter is essentially the same as in TomiAhonen Almanac 2012
** indicates the chapter is significantly revised and/or expanded from TomiAhonen Almanac 2012 with significantly more data/detail

For those considering overlap with the TomiAhonen Almanac 2012, which has one chapter on handsets, out of over 90 charts and tables, 32 are the same or slightly updated/modified versions of what are in the TomiAhonen Almanac 2012 edition. 72 tables and charts are new or have significantly more data elements adding more detail than what was in the Handsets chapter of the TomiAhonen Almanac 2012. The new 2013 edition of the TomiAhonen Almanac will evolve that statistical review into more different data and less overlap with the Phone Book. Please note, that all handsets-related data in the new
 TomiAhonen Phone Book 2012, will have statistics current as of December 31, 2012 (not January 1, 2012, as in the 2012 edition of the TomiAhonen Almanac)

The TomiAhonen Phone Book 2012 is optimized for reading on handheld devices and other eBook readers in 14 point text on a page size of A5. The format is unrestricted pdf file and the single-user license allows multiple copies saved to separate reader devices by the buyer, such as smartphones, iPads and Kindles and laptop and desktop computers. It is an invaluable comprehensive reference resource for professionals in the industry to carry along for the latest statistical data on the industry.

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Tomi T Ahonen is twelve-time bestselling author of mobile telecoms books already referenced in books by 140 other authors and considered the foremost industry expert on the statistics for the industry. Tomi was rated the most influential mobile industry expert by Forbes in 2012. The former Nokia executive lectures at Oxford University's short courses on the future of mobile telecoms, is often seen on TV and has been quoted in the press over 350 times in publications such as Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Financial Times, the Economist, etc., as well as countless telecoms industry periodicals. Here is the link to his full biography.




(Please refer to samples of the sister publication Almanac to understand the format and style, the two ebooks are in identical format, see [Sample pages from Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2010] )




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