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Pearls - New real mobile services in use somewhere in the world, described on one slide.  Pearls are collected by Tomi T Ahonen, 3G Strategy Consultant.


"It makes sense that content providers focus on SMS and 2G WAP as they are comfortable with these technologies now,
 and there is a large population of users," Ahonen says. 
Mobile Internet January 25, 2002



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Pearls of the Month for 2004 click here [Pearls 2004]

contains Big Brother in Sweden (Jan), Orange Bikes in Netherlands (Feb), Disco Chatboards in UK (Mar), MMS Stickers (Apr), Exchange Rates in Singapore (May), LBS Allergy warnings Germany (Jun), Alibis Germany (Jul), License Plate SMS in UK (Aug), Kwickee Guides pay contributors UK (Sep), Insult Comedy in USA (Oct/Pearl of Year 2004), SMS Pill box South Africa (Nov), WiFi Lightpoles in Cameroon (Dec/Christmas Pearl)


Pearls of the Month for 2003 click here [Pearls 2003]

contains 48 Hour Service Launch Hong Kong (Jan), Waiting Tones/Ringback Tones Korea (Feb/Pearl of the Year 2003), SuperStable Horse Breeding Hong Kong (Mar), South Park Game (Apr), Airline Check In (May), Music Direct to Mobile Korea (Jun), TV Viewer Count New Zealand (Jul), Launch Videogame Preview to Mobile (Aug), Evolving Traffic Cam Korea (Sep), Transfer Minutes Philippines (Oct), Just-In-Time Dentist Finland (Nov), Videocalls for Deaf People Austria (Dec/Christmas Pearl)


Pearls of the Month for 2002 click here [Pearls 2002]

contains Animated Messaging (Jan), Executives Use SMS in UK (Feb), Telemarketing USA (Mar), Pay Cash for Viewing Ads on Mobile UK (Apr), Access Cash Machine with Mobile Denmark (May), Identify Music with Shazam in UK (Jun/Pearl of the Year 2002), From Film to Digital Pictures (Jun), m-Parking Estonia (Aug), Queue-busting in UK (Sep), SMS-to-TV Chat Finland (Oct), Network Game Killer Bees Austria (Nov), LBS Bar Finder UK (Dec)


Pearls of the Month for 2001 click here [Pearls 2001]

contains Mobile Translator Korea/Japan (Aug), Profitable ISP in Japan Cybird (Sep), m-Banking Czech (Oct), Sabre Mobile Flight Info (Nov), Public Transport by Mobile in Finland (Dec)


Note: Prior to these, Tomi was working for Nokia and Pearls were collected and catalogued in his department. That is why there are no older Pearls officially published on this website. Tomi has literally over 1,000 of these, so if you'd like some more info, please write to him at  tomi@tomiahonen.com





Pearls are collected by Tomi T Ahonen, 3G Strategy Consultant and bestselling author on 3G business. A Pearl is a real world mobile service making money today, described on one slide. If you like these, please contact Tomi Ahonen for many many more.


To send e-mail about Pearls or to request workshop availability or for any other contact, please send e-mail to   tomi@tomiahonen.com


If you have found a Pearl and would like to submit it as a single page Powerpoint slide, please include the public reference where it is mentioned, and send it to  pearl@tomiahonen.com


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