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3G Business consultant Tomi Ahonen lecturing at Oxford




(2 day short course on 3G Business/Marketing and 3G technology)




Image Tomi Ahonen chairing and Steve Jones presenting at Telecoms Forecasting conference in London in March 2002Tomi Ahonen and Steve Jones present short courses at the University of Oxford

Department of Continuing Education on the basics of 3G Business and Services,

3G Launch Marketing, and Tomi also presents at the 3G technical course. 


ďIt will clearly take a few years before people really adopt the services,

so you canít wait and then roll out services because then

†††††† the wait will be even longer,Ē Ahonen explains, 

†††††††††††† M For Mobile May 30, 2001

Tomi Ahonen and Steve 

Jones are pictured here

when Tomi chaired and

Steve presented at the

Telecoms Forecasting

Masterclass conference

and workshop in London

in March, 2002


(picture courtesy of

Mladen Sokele)




The up-to-the-minute two-day 3G courses at Oxford University present the very latest understanding and research

in 3G and offer a cost-effective way for anybody to get up to speed on the core essence of 3G and the

opportunity in the mobile internet and the new wireless services. 



For registration information on all the telecoms courses at Oxford please see[Link to Oxford University website]



The Oxford University short courses on 3G and related technologies are also available at your offices in your country.

The prices are most competitive and again feature the exact same content, presenters, Oxford certificates etc as in the main courses run at Oxford University. We can tailor a custom 3G course to your specifications. Please write directly to  tomi@tomiahonen.com





Advanced Mobile Services and Business Opportunities

6-7 July 2005

2 days

Lecturers Tomi T Ahonen, Steve Jones and Voytek Siewierski

Price  750 UKP (early discounted price 675 UKP)

(Oxford courses are VAT-exempt)



NOTE - all who attend this course in July 2005 will receive an autographed copy of Tomi's latest bestseller, Communities Dominate Brands



The University of Oxford Department of Continuing Education offers a unique two-day basic course on the business, services and revenues for 3G and 2.5G wireless services. 


The workshop covers issues such as M-Commerce, Location Based Services, Business and Residential early adopter needs, and the latest cellular network business theories such as Reachability, Revenue-Sharing, the Five M's and the Early Eight services.  The course is non-technical in nature and is intended to provide a non-biased comprehensive overview of the 3G services opportunity, with a strong emphasis on the latest findings, research and theories.  The industry specialists provide hands-on tools and proven methods for the rapid and profitable launch of new mobile services.  The course material includes full documentation, executive summaries to the books and reports written by the lecturers, and a University of Oxford certificate of attendance upon completing the course.


This course is targeted at anybody who is new to 3G/2.5G or modern cellular telecoms; any 3G/2.5G service creation and marketing people; those outside mobile telecoms who need to understand the opportunities provided by 3G/2.5G such as the IT industry, content providers, bankers, analysts and fixed telecoms; and any technical and financial people involved with 3G/2.5G operators who want to understand the business benefits of the next evolution in mobile telecoms.  No prior knowledge of cellular telecoms technology is necessary.


Course Content

Advanced mobile services on 2.5G, EDGE, 3G, 3.5G, WiFi and WiMax

Building value - The Five M's / Six M's

Rapid money - The Early Eight


Killer applications

Customer evolution, leading countries and segments

Road to Reachability



Early Adopters and Alpha Users


Segmentation, profiling, clustering

Branding, advertising, promotion

Sales, terminals, subsidies, store sales staff

Tariffing, billing prepaid/postpaid

Customer care, calling centre, OSS

Profits and Success

Focus in competitiveness - Competition triangle

MVNOs threat and opportunity

Number portability

Profitability, by customers, services; Omega customers

Measures of success - subs, ARPU, traffic, profits

Review of the Workshop and Question and Answer session




Tomi T Ahonen MBA is an independent 3G strategy consultant and bestselling author, his books are Communities Dominate Brands, m-Profits, Services for UMTS and 3G Marketing. 

Steve Jones MBA is an independent 3G strategy consultant and the founder of the3Gportal.com who has written the report 3G Launch Strategies.

Voytek Siewierski is Executive Director of NTT DoCoMo Inc and Senior Executive Director of NTT DoCoMo Europe Ltd.




For more on Steve Jones and the3Gportal.com see [Link to the3Gportal.com]



Tomi T Ahonen will also present 3G Services, Applications and Business Case at Oxford's Basic 3G Course in June.







Tomi T Ahonen, MBA


Tomi T Ahonen is an independent consultant and author.  He has worked building segmentation and launching innovative new services at three operators in USA and Finland, including creating the world's first fixed-mobile service bundle.  His tools were used to set the world record for taking market share from the incumbent and Tomi has also participated in telecoms standardization.  Tomi has also set up and headed the 3G Business Consultancy Department for Nokia and previously been Nokia's Segmentation Manager.  Quoted in over 80 press articles on 3G topics in a dozen languages, he has delivered 3G presentations at over 40 conferences on five continents.  Tomi's books, "m-Profits" and "Services for UMTS" were the world's first books on 3G revenues and services.  His latest is "3G Marketing: New Strategic Partnerships".  Tomi Ahonen holds a bachelors degree in marketing and an MBA from St John's University New York.



Steve Jones, MBA


Steve Jones is an independent specialist in both mobile internet strategy and implementation. He has lead Workshops for Managers and Executives in the telecoms arena in USA, Europe and Far East.  As well as extensive experience working with mobile operators in operational and consultancy roles, he has also contributed to the success of fixed network and cable operators. He specialises in leading sales, marketing and customer service functions. His experience spans both the consumer and business telecoms segments across Europe and the Far East. He set up and runs the internetís top rated 3G knowledge resource - www.the3Gportal.com. He has regularly presented at international conferences and his latest Report, published by Tarifica, ď3G Launch StrategiesĒ is the first to put the early adopters of 3G services centre stage. Steve Jones holds a bachelors degree in Business Studies and an MBA from London Business School, England.





For registration information on all the telecoms courses at Oxford please see[Link to Oxford University website]


For more on Steve Jones and the3Gportal.com see [Link to the3Gportal.com]

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