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THESE are TomiAhonen Consulting's Pearls of the Month for the year 2002


"It makes sense that content providers focus on SMS and 2G WAP as they are comfortable with these technologies now,
and there is a large population of users," Ahonen says.
Mobile Internet January 25, 2002




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NOTE - PEARL OF THE YEAR goes to SHAZAM, the Pearl of the Month for July 2002. See the Pearl and its Press Release here [Pearl of the Year]



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PEARLS from 2002 Click on image or link to view.


Dec 2002 - Find Pub with Game on Large Screen with Mobile [large view Pub shows Game]












Nov 2002 - Killer Bees WAP Game from Austria [large view Killer Bees]












Oct 2002 - SMS to TV is becoming big money [large view SMS to TV]












Sept 2002 - Amusement Parks bust lines with Mobiles in UK [large view Amusement Park]












Aug 2002 - Already a third of all parking in Estonia paid by mobile [large view Estonia Parking]












July 2002 - Identify music through the mobile phone with Shazam [large view Shazam]


NOTE: Shazam's service is also TomiAhonen Consulting's selection for Pearl of the Year












June 2002 - Film based cameras giving into digital cameras [large view digital cameras]












May 2002 - Get cash from cash machine with mobile phone in Denmark [large view Get Cash]












Apr 2002 - Get cash from viewing mobile advertisements [large view mAd Money]












Mar 2002 - Automated calling in America [large view Bush is Blasting]











Feb 2002 - Now business executives bitten by SMS bug in UK [large view Execs use SMS]











Jan 2002 - Girls want cartoon images to messaging [large view Animated SMS]












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