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Pearls - New real mobile services in use somewhere in the world, described on one slide. Pearls are collected by Tomi T Ahonen, 3G Strategy Consultant.


"It makes sense that content providers focus on SMS and 2G WAP as they are comfortable with these technologies now,
and there is a large population of users," Ahonen says.
Mobile Internet January 25, 2002




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RECENT PEARLS from 2003 Click on image or link to view.


Pearl of the Month: December - 3G Killer Application: Service Bundle for the Deaf in Austria [large view Hearing Impaired]












Pearl of the Month: November - Just In Time Dentistry via SMS alerts in Finland [large view Just In Time Dentist]












Pearl of the Month: October - Transferring Minutes from one subscriber to another in Singapore [large view Transferring Minutes]












Pearl of the Month: September - Car Cam in Korea now includes average speeds on various streets [large view Traffic Cam]












Pearl of the Month: August - Releasing video game first for mobile (Urban Freestyle Soccer) [large view Launch Game]












Pearl of the Month: July - Get loyalty points from watching TV in New Zealand, via SMS of course [large view Loyalty Points]












Pearl of the Month: June - Releasing new music CD first as MP3 files to Mobile in Korea [large view Ricky Martin]













Pearl of the Month: May - Mobile Check-In spreading from Finland to UK and Japan [large view Mobile Check-In]













Pearl of the Month: April - South Park invades the Mobile Phone [large view South Park]













Pearl of the Month: March - Horse breeding and racing game from Hong Kong [large view Horse Racing]












Pearl of the Month: Febuary - Waiting Tone in Korea as you wait for other person to answer [large view Waiting Tone]












Pearl of the Month: January - Only 48 hours from idea to live mobile service in Hong Kong [large view Faster Deploy]













To see other older pearls, click here [Older Pearls]




Pearls are collected by Tomi T Ahonen, 3G Strategy Consultant and bestselling author on 3G business. A Pearl is a real world mobile service making money today, described on one slide. If you like these, please contact Tomi Ahonen for many many more.


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