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Pearls - New real mobile services in use somewhere in the world, described on one slide. Pearls are collected by Tomi T Ahonen, 3G Strategy Consultant.


"It makes sense that content providers focus on SMS and 2G WAP as they are comfortable with these technologies now,
and there is a large population of users," Ahonen says.
Mobile Internet January 25, 2002




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PEARL OF THE YEAR 2005 winner is Mobile Blogging site and Virtual Playground Cyworld of South Korea


It was the Pearl of the Month for June 2005



The Pearl of the Year 2005 award goes to South Korean mobile and broadband internet converged social networking site, Cyworld on SK Telecom's Network. The original Pearl from June 2005 already mentioned the heavy mobile blogging use and the commerce inside Cyworld. Since then Cyworld had reached 30% of the total population by end of 2005, with over 100,000 songs sold daily inside Cyworld, and the service had started an international expansion with the first Cyworld expansion going to China. Our Congratulations! The other finalists in 2005 were in no particular order: Location Based Virtual Robot Network Mobile Game from Sweden; Ohmy News Citizen Journalism Newspaper from South Korea; SMS-to-TV Rap from Finland; SeeMeTV Paid video content on mobile blogs from UK and Italy; and Videoclip-To-TV chat from South Korea.


For the full Press Release about the Pearl of the Year award, please see [ Link Coming ]



Tomi's specialty is on how to make money with new mobile services, today! He has already discussed more than 1000 service ideas with various industry inside audiences, and at public conferences has discussed openly over 600 new service ideas on cellular technologies such as 2G voice, SMS, WAP, HSCSD, GPRS, CDMA 1X, UMTS, 3G and even 4G. Most of his over 100 press quotes include new service mentions. Tomi Ahonen is probably the most prolific new mobile service evangelist in the world and recently at the CTIA/WCNC in New Orleans participated in IEEE's first ever discussion on how mobile services migrate from 3G to 4G.


Tomi collects new service ideas into what he calls "Pearls" - existing mobile services described on one slide. Pearls describe services which are making money for someone already somewhere in the world, and most Pearls are easily and immediately implementable anywhere. His collection includes over 1000 currently valid Pearls and countless historical ones.


If you are interested in new services, Tomi's first book, Services for UMTS, includes 200 potential service ideas - many relating to his collection of Pearls. In Tomi's second book, m-Profits: Making Money from 3G, apart from examining the revenues and profits of 170 potential new service ideas, there are also 50 real services from around the world. To see more about the books, click either

[Services for UMTS] or [m-Profits: Money & 3G]


Tomi Ahonen also continues his series of columns in major telecoms media to argue on behalf of successful mobile services. See his latest column in the Financial Times FT.Com / IT supplement on the topic of killer applications specific to 3G entitled "More than Something for Everyone". Find the full story at the Financial Times / FT.Com website at this link [Tomi Ahonen Column in Financial Times]



This page is the collection of the Pearl of the Month, updated every month with Tomi's favourite Pearl for the previous month. If you would like to use these Pearls, please contact Tomi and he will send you the actual Powerpoint Slide(s) you want for free. If you would like to see many more Pearls that may be more relevant to your business, please send e-mail to tomi@tomiahonen.com



RECENT PEARLS from 2006 Click on image or link to view.

(NOTE: These are behind schedule, I will try to get these online very soon, please come back)



Pearl of the Month July - Car Credit to People with Bad Credit though Disabling Car if Payments Not paid from USA













Pearl of the Month June - SMS to Butt: Premium Jeans in France with SMS display panel at rear












Pearl of the Month May - Bank becomes MVNO in Ukraine












Pearl of the Month April - Children's Tag Game ("you're it") Launches on Mobile in USA












Pearl of the Month March - Secret SMS via 007 Service in Czech Republic













Pearl of the Month February - Anti-Valentine's Day Picture Blogs in UK













Pearl of the Month January - Peoples's Idols Variant to Pop Idols TV Format from Finland














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Pearls are collected by Tomi T Ahonen, 3G Strategy Consultant and bestselling author on 3G business. A Pearl is a real world mobile service making money today, described on one slide. If you like these, please contact Tomi Ahonen for many many more.


To send e-mail about Pearls or to request workshop availability or for any other contact, please send e-mail to tomi@tomiahonen.com


If you have found a Pearl and would like to submit it as a single page Powerpoint slide, please include the public reference where it is mentioned, and send it to pearl@tomiahonen.com


Tomi talks about Pearls always in his presentations. To see Tomi's upcoming and past conference speakerships see [Tomi Conferences]


His first book, Services for UMTS features over 200 services in detail, see [Services for UMTS]


His second book includes the money side of 170 service ideas and includes 50 real existing services, see [m-Profits: Money & 3G]


For recent press coverage of Tomi Ahonen see [See Tomi in Press]


For business consulting workshops and services see [3G Workshops & Consulting]


Biography of Tomi T Ahonen [Biography Tomi T Ahonen]


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