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Tomiahonen.com press release

24 June 2002


Compwise and Ahonen cooperate to improve telecoms profitability

Pricing, Revenue Assurance, Financial Analysis for fixed and mobile operators/carriers


London, 24 June 2002: Compwise announced today a partnership with Telecom industry 3G guru, Tomi T. Ahonen.  Ahonen and Compwise will provide complete solutions package comprised of software systems for telecom profitability, pricing and revenue assurance as well as financially oriented consulting services. The solutions aim to empower clients financial performance both in the marketing and finance areas. Utilizing the advantageous edge of Compwise innovative solutions, Ahonen will expedite 3G operators and carriers entry into the emerging 3G marketplace.  Ahonen has authored two books on the business application of 3G, and speaks widely at conferences.  Formerly head of 3G consulting at Nokia, Ahonen has a wealth of experience in the telecoms services market, and a passion for well targeted 3G services.


“Tomi is one of the top experts and a true visionary,” said David Leshem, EVP Marketing at Compwise, “Tomi’s vision and objective is to assist operators in how to make money, and first of all how not to lose money – these very simple basics of the business have been long forgotten until recently.  Tomi is superbly versed in telecom profitability and especially in 3G business models, and as such placed in a position most beneficial for our customers. We are certain that Tomi’s long standing experience will provide our clients with the necessary know how in order to perform their next jump in the market of mobile technology. We are looking forward to working with Tomi whom we are certain to offer our customers tangible value.”


Tomi T. Ahonen said: “Compwise is specialized in comprehensive profitability solutions, with a proven track record of benefiting operators worldwide. As Best of breed its strength is renown in price modeling, increasing profitability and revenue assurance, both for fixed and mobile operators. The company’s established experience is recognized by leading telecom consulting firms and operators in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and Israel, all of which select Compwise’ solutions to support their businesses.” 


About Tomi T. Ahonen:

Tomi T Ahonen, MBA, is the world's leading expert on the 3G-business case and has worked with the leading mobile players to develop their 3G propositions.  He has delivered 3G presentations at over 35 international conferences on five continents, and been quoted on 3G related topics in over 75 press stories in a dozen languages.  Until the end of September 2001, Tomi ran Nokia's 3G Business Consultancy department.  His two books – Services for UMTS and m-Profits - are pioneering works in the areas of new cellular services, their revenues and profits.


About Compwise:

Mobile and fixed line telecom providers, as well as leading consulting firms, use Compwise solutions worldwide.  Compwise has proven itself as a leading player in helping operators increase profitability, conduct revenue assurance verification and customer financial value analysis.  Compwise provides comprehensive solutions through a variety of products including TP-assurance, TP-impact, TP-care and TP-corporate.  These services provide analysis and tools on revenue streams, billing verification, tariff modeling, pricing, CRM, and corporate solutions.



Tomi T Ahonen                                                             David Leshem, Compwise

Phone: +44 (0) 7789 438 007                                          Phone +972 8 9460565

tomi@tomiahonen.com                                                  david@compwise.com

www.tomiahonen.com                                                   www.compwise.com




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