Making Money from 3G Mobile Services…




by Tomi T Ahonen


To be published by Wiley Friday September 27th 2002

Hardback, £34.95


"m-Profits is a detailed, down to earth book and a great guide to the ABC fo makign money in mobile services."

João Baptista

Vice President, Mercer Management Consulting


"In this book Tomi Ahonen illustrates a solid understanding of how money will be made in 3G with corporate solutions, m-commerce and mobile advertising."

Paul May

Principal Consultant and Founder, Verista

Author of Mobile Commerce and The Business of E-Commerce



The theory of how money may be made from m-Commerce in a 3G environment has been widely debated and argued, whilst the technology leaps forward, are consumer adoption rates catching up? Reports suggest that worldwide uptake of m-commerce by consumers is slow, which begs the question; how can value be added to 3G transactions from the consumer standpoint?


Written for the non-technical reader, m-Profits has a solid business focus, and explains how the true value of the mobile phone begins first and foremost as a personal device, where how we relate to this device should form the tenets for providing profitable services to consumers. m-Profits outlines the Ahonen-Barrett theory called 'The Five m's of 3G Services' and convers five chapters on service ideas which each describe 3G services in detail. Interspersed with 'Vignettes from a 3G Future@ and using analogies from other industries, Ahonen goes on in later chapters to discuss the business issues of traffic patterns, revenue sharing and partnering schemes, competition and the marketing of 3G services.


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About the Author


Tomi T Ahonen is an independent consultant and editor / author of the highly regarded books on 3G/UMTS and the mobiel internet;.Services for UMTS: Creating Killer Applications in 3G and 3G Marketing: New Strategic Partnerships. Tomi has been quoted many times by periodicals on 3G topics, and has previously set up and headed Nokia's Global 3G Business Consultancy department and had also set up the segmentation for Nokia Networks. Tomi holds an international MBA (with hons) from St John's University New York. For more information, visit









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