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Create a winning 3G strategy…


Services for UMTS


Creating Killer Applications in 3G


Edited by  Tomi T Ahonen and Joe Barrett


To be published by Wiley May 16th 2002

£34.95 Hardback


One of the pressing questions of today about the 3rd Generation (3G) or UMTS business is “How can mobile operators turn profits on their enormous investments into 3G, what will be the services to deliver such revenues?” It is a question that only time will answer but, in Services for UMTS, Tomi Ahonen and Joe Barrett look ahead to the services that they believe will emerge to enable businesses to create a winning 3G strategy.


Services for UMTS is about the near future, where UMTS will allow mobile phones and other devices to be used in new ways for communications, business, government, entertainment, personalised services, utility and fun.


While it is difficult to predict the future in a precise way, broad categories and general service ideas are already emerging. Using their extensive knowledge of the industry, Tomi Ahonen and Joe Barrett look at over 200 of these possible applications and provide more detailed scenarios on the majority of them. Exploring these ideas in depth, they provide suggestions on how to create exciting and viable services for a new world.


With vivid examples from areas such as picture messaging, video calls, m-commerce, music streaming and gaming, Services for UMTS opens the discussion into this dramatic new media and its potential.


Including numerous diagrams, tables and illustrations clearly explaining the services available Services for UMTS is written for the non-technical reader. With a strong business focus, it is a "must-read" for anybody wanting to enter the UMTS environment, understand it, or make money in it.


At the launch of the book, Tomi Ahonen said: "A 3G network is pointless without compelling services.  In 3G the operators will be working in new ways with new partners to build profitable propositions out of attractive services.  Our book, Services for UMTS, is the how-to guide for creating killer applications in 3G."




About the Authors


Tomi T Ahonen is an independent consultant on 3G strategy.  He is one of a handful of experts worldwide to have personally advised all of the major players participating in creating the UMTS service environment. Previously he set up and headed Nokia's Global 3G Business Consultancy department. Earlier he worked for three operators/carriers in Finland and New York, creating the world's first fixed-mobile service bundle, and setting a world record for challenger operator market share, as well as participating in telecoms standardisation.


Joe Barrett has been in the telecommunications industry since 1979 when he joined BT. He has worked in the mobile telecommunications arena since 1985 where he worked in the emerging European mobile phone market. He has been with Nokia for over 10 years holding various positions in sales, marketing and strategic areas for the mobile infrastructure business. He started his career in the Royal Navy as a radio engineer and now lives in Finland with his family.





For further information about Services for UMTS, or to arrange an interview with Tomi Ahonen please contact Joanna Gibson on 01243 770674 or e-mail jgibson@wiley.co.uk



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