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Tomiahonen.com press release

12 June 2002


Verista and Ahonen strike partnership to strengthen 3G services

New wireless capabilities herald productivity boosts for companies

London, 12 June 2002: Verista today announced a partnership with leading 3G services guru Tomi Ahonen.  Ahonen will offer consulting services to Verista clients, focused on creating and launching successful services into the emerging 3G marketplace.  He will also spearhead Verista’s 3G strategy for enterprise applications.

Ahonen has authored two books on the business application of 3G, and speaks widely at conferences.  Formerly head of 3G consulting at Nokia, Ahonen has a wealth of experience in the telecoms services market, and a passion for well targeted 3G services.

“Tomi is a great communicator, and a true visionary,” said Paul May, founder and principal consultant at Verista.  “He is ideally placed to provide leadership to organisations as they strive to create value in the new wave of mobile technology.  We are proud to be associated with Tomi and are looking forward to working with him on many novel, valuable and pace-setting projects for our clients.”

Tomi Ahonen said: “Verista is especially strong in mobile applications strategy for the enterprise sector.  Enterprises can gain massive benefits from the new wireless technologies, especially the ability to offer multi-tasking environments to their mobile staff and to exploit the capabilities of the new smart phones.  3G is going to create a step improvement in enterprise productivity, as well as changing the way consumers interact with companies and with each other.”

About Tomi Ahonen:

Tomi T Ahonen, MBA, is the world's leading expert on the 3G business case and has worked with the leading mobile players to develop their 3G propositions .  He has delivered 3G presentations at over 35 international conferences on five continents, and been quoted on 3G related topics in over 75 press stories in a dozen languages.  Until the end of September 2001, Tomi ran Nokia's 3G Business Consultancy department.  His two books – Services for UMTS and m-Profits - are pioneering works in the areas of new cellular services, their revenues and profits.

About Verista:

Founded in 1998, Verista is an independent consultancy specialising in digital channel strategy and management, wireless technologies, mobile workforce enablement and mobile marketing (m-marketing).  We work with channel partners, systems integrators, network operators and software vendors to bring the appropriate mix of capabilities to our clients.  Verista’s clients include BP, Siemens and Cognizant.


Tomi T Ahonen                                                Paul May, Verista

Phone: +44 (0) 7789 438 007                          Phone +44 (0)20 8399 3923

tomi@tomiahonen.com                                     paul.may@verista.com

www.tomiahonen.com                                      www.verista.com



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