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3G strategy consultant Tomi Ahonen in the press

Image Tomi T Ahonen 3G Strategy Consultant and Motivational Speaker

“Content is valuable, but for network operators, communications is key,”
Tomi Ahonen added. CommsLive Europe
14 November 2000


Tomi T Ahonen in the Press             


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Selected recent press coverage                                       


Press clippings below, Tomi actual columns and articles listed here:



Tomi T Ahonen writes several articles and columns each year to the telecoms/IT and marketing press. He serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Telecommunications Management and is an editor of the Forum Oxford Journal. Tomi also blogs daily at www.communities-dominate.blogs.com  and is a co-moderator at Forum Oxford's next generation mobile applications panel.






Forum Oxford Journal  Issue 1, April 2007:

"Mobile is now Ubiquitous Device"


Mobile Handset Analyst  February, 2007:

"Mobile as 7th Mass Media Channel"


Asia Pacific Telecommunications, January, 2007:

"Mobile Social Networking"


The 3G Portal, Oct 2, 2006:

"Celebrating the 1000th Pearl"


Mobile Communications: Jun 6, 2006

"Its Time to Grasp Mobile's Hidden Power"


Wireless Watch: Jun 5, 2006

"Learning to Win in a Multi-Subscription Market"


The 3G Portal, Apr 27, 2006:

"On Operator Obstacles to Profits"


European Communications: Spring 2006

"Understanding the 4th Screen: Mobile TV"


The 3G Portal, Jan 1, 2006:

"2006: When TV Capitalizes on Mobile Phones"


Receiver (Vodafone) Number 15 (2005)

"From Interesting Ideas to Compelling Mobile Services"


The 3G Portal, Nov 17, 2005:

"Emergence of Mobile as the Seventh Mass Media"


Ohmy News (Korea) Jun 17, 2005

"On the Next 20 Years of Cellular Telecoms"


New Media Knowledge (with A Moore) April 25, 2005

"Story of Mobile vs TV"


Total Telecom, (with J Ahvenainen) Feb 2005:

"Customer Segmentation: Are you Alpha or Omega"


The 3G Portal, Nov 7, 2004

"Counting Customers: How High will it Go"



The Financial Times/FT.Com IT Supplement on 3G October 20, 2004

"More than Something for Everyone"

[Tomi Ahonen Column in Financial Times]



The 3G Portal Sept 11, 2004

"Killer 3G Apps: Understand the Issues"




The IEE Communications Engineer June/July2004

"3G Killer Applications Everywhere."

[Tomi Ahonen Column on 3G Killer Applications]



European Communications Spring 2004

Killer Instinct




Market Leader March 2004

Mobile Marketing: How to Succeed in a Connected Age




Telecommunications February 2003

3G at your service




European Communications  Winter 2002

Is 3G a False Prophet




The 3G Portal August 29, 2002

Finally some light in a very long tunnel



3G Mobile  April 17, 2002

Tomi Ahonen believes the 3G business case is firming up




Amazon.co.uk Feb 18, 2002

From the Author: Lets stop the collective self-abuse of 3G doom




The 3G Portal  Dec 17, 2001

Enough with the Despair, Already!






(excluding book reviews)


A partial listing of press that has quoted Tomi T Ahonen, in alphabetical order includes:



01 Net

AnnyWay Mobile News

Asia Pacific Mobile Analyst

Asia Pacific Telecommunications

A Wind Row


Business Day

Business Times

Business Week

Cambridge Network News 

Canada Newswire

Canadian Business

Cellular Co





Computer World Canada 

Communications Week International

Comms Live

Confidence Quarterly Business Magazine 

Courier and Mail

DPA Training Newsletter


Edge Daily

EHPT White Paper


Embracing Digital Age

European Communications



Financial Times


Forum Oxford Journal

GloCom Japanese Institute for Global Communications

Global Mobile

Global Mobile Daily


IEE Communications Engineer

iMedia Connection


Israel Wireless News

IT Web

IT Week

La Republica

Land Mobile

M For Mobile 

Magazine News  

Management Team

Market Leader

Mobile Communciations 

Mobile Internet

Mobile Marketing Magazine

Mobile Office

Mobile Wireless News

Money Web

Nettavisen Telecom

Network World

Networking Communication News

New Media Knowledge


Ohmy News

Periodical Publisher Association News

Puhelin Lehti


Report of HSBC Securities


Seattle Times


Slovenia Business Week

SMLXL White Paper


T3 Tomorrow's Technology Today 

Talous ja Työ

Talous Sanomat

Tarifica Industry Report

Telecom Asia


The 3G Portal 

The 451


Total Telecom


3G Com Brazil

3G Insight  

3G Mobile  

3G Newsroom

Valor Economico Brazil  

Wall Street Journal

WAP Insight

Week IT

Wireless Asia

Wireless News

Wireless Watch

Wireless Watch Japan

Wireless World Nederlands


WOW! Wireless




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